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Patron San Laureano

Celebrated in July. Celebrated in July.

In the year 1649 there was a great plague epidemic throughout Spain. In Bornos, in just one day, June 24, fifty people died. In the popular belief of praying to the saints on the calendar, the monks of the Convent of San Jerónimo took out the image of the Holy Christ of the Chapter, of which Fray Pedro Mariscal de San Antonio was very devoted, in a procession through the immediate field of the Convent . The itinerary followed by the procession covered Calle Marimanzano; there was a hospital and next to it, ditches that served as burials for the dead from the contagion. The procession, therefore, passed near the walls of the Convent and the corrals of Calle Ancha. Keep in mind the Bornos of the time.

As Fray Pedro Mariscal tells us: "The other day, which was the Fourth of July, no one died (...) Because this day saw total relief, the town swore to keep it, voting for its patron Saint Laureano, Archbishop of Seville, which is celebrated on that day, and proposing to build a hermitage, the foundations of which are taken out on the site occupied by the hospital and to add to it, for a cemetery or holy field, the place occupied by the ditches that had been filled with corpses. Only the patronage of Saint Laureano remained stable: the rest has remained in the memory that his grandparents left, in which they live."

Fray Pedro laments that the people of Bornos voted for San Laureano and not for Santo Cristo del Capitulo, since he did the miracle and not the one chosen as patron. However, the same patron has never had the same acceptance in the town as the patron. It is known in Bornos that the house where the hermitage was supposed to be built, a project that was never carried out, has given many problems to those who have inhabited it.

Currently, the town celebrates the Fiesta del Patron, with a procession of the image through the streets of the town, performances by musical groups…