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The Fair

You can fully enjoy these wonderful days to the sound of the Sevillanas In 2023 the Coto de Bornos Fair will be from August 24 to 27 and the Bornos Fair will be from September 13 to 17.

The remote origin of the fair, like most Andalusian fairs, dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries, having a marked economic character. All kinds of products and livestock were sold in them and, in addition, they were tax-free. They were, in short, royal donations that favored a city or town and set the exact start and end dates.

This tax-free market practice ceased to be so, when in 1652, Felipe IV, removed this right to the Écija fair "there are many deals because the haciendas of their neighbors are very large and deal in all kinds of fruits of the land... a bib fair was held there (without tax exemption) where you can buy and sell all kinds of merchandise..."

Until today, they have arrived, very weakened, especially the cattle fairs, replacing them with permanent markets and sample fairs. Apart from commercial functions, they carry out others of a social and cultural nature. On the one hand, they were occasions for personal contacts between isolated people, who lived in the countryside and on these occasions came to have fun and trade in the town or city. Due to the psychological effect produced by both selling something else, to someone who wants to get rid of it, and buying it, to someone who wants to have it, and, of course, the movement of money; these meetings were taking on a festive character that has ended up prevailing over commercial interests.

The dates of celebration of the fairs were concentrated in April and June as the first cycle, until August and September in the second cycle. That is, before the collection begins and once it is finished. The fairs were staggered in time by region, so that they did not interfere with each other and buyers, sellers and dealers could move between them. It is possible that the first fair to be held in Bornos was that of 1617, or at least it is the first that has the authorization of King Felipe III.

Two fairs were held, one in April and the other in August. The one in April disappeared and the one in August was moved. Currently it is celebrated in the middle of September in Bornos and at the end of August in Coto de Bornos.

Bornos currently has a fairground where you can fully enjoy these wonderful days to the sound of the Sevillanas and accompanied by a good wine from the Jerez area. There is a great interest in Bornos for horses and the singing of sevillanas.