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Molino del arco

This mill is part of a series of hydraulic constructions of the "Ribera de los Molinos" that were made up of at least 10 mills built in the 16th century, including some of Arab origin and that supplied water to the entire town and the abundant orchards of Bornos.

This building, popularly known as Molino Ancho, is one of the best-preserved sections of the short cut and corresponds to the Molino del Arco lieva. You can see the bricks with which it is floored inside and the magnificent buttresses. The lieva is the architectural resource that allows sufficient unevenness to provide an adequate height for the vertical fall of the water into the bucket and that of this mill has been built by means of two very unique large arches, with buttresses. The spillway or quebradero is the gate to regulate the entry of flow into the bucket, and in this mill the accumulation of limestone concretions is striking, which could be a sign of the centuries that it was working.